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How to Use Your Relationships As Mirrors For Self-Growth

In order for you to create your ideal romantic relationship, you must first realize that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Shifting your belief systems and expanding your perspectives is a process. In fact, it’s a practice. The following exercise will help you to grow in your self-awareness, as well as facilitate more peaceful relationships with others in your life.

Learn to Love Yourself: A Simple Self-Acceptance Exercise

Being in a romantic relationship can be challenging. Often you’re faced with the reality that you might not be as loving, patient, or accepting as you once had thought. Below you’ll find a simple and effective technique that will help you to face your shadow self—the side of your being you’d rather deny exists altogether—and then accept it.

How to Make Affirmations Actually WORK

Affirmations are only as good as your experience of what you’re trying to affirm. You just have to experience a taste of what you want so you know it can be true for you—then you can affirm it. So let your affirmations work for you; use these practices to call in what you truly desire…

How to Make the Best of a Fight
CoupleHugging copy

We are human and therefore susceptible to having our unconscious belief systems triggered—and who better to do it than our significant others? The following process will give you the tools to take note of your thoughts so as to potentially rid your relationship of repetitive fights. Follow these seven steps to create a healthy, fulfilling relationship free of unnecessary, unconscious pain and suffering.

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