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I am a CONFIDENCE coach.

I help you break up with the distractions that keep you from achieving your dreams.

Maybe you distract yourself with the juicy drama of romantic relationships when you know you would be so much more powerful and on purpose if you could only stay single for one minute and focus on your passion-work full-throttle.

Or maybe you distract yourself with the trivial tasks of being an entrepreneur when you know you could be doing the more focused activities that would really make a difference for your business, but that subtle fear of success keeps you bogged down in the daily minutiae of small-business ownership.

Either way, I help you break up with the shit that is holding you down and back from being your badass best self in life, love, business, and relationships.


Confidence Coaching

be your badass best self

be your badass best self

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    Cocktails &     Convos

for peeps of austin, texas only

for peeps of austin, texas only

If you live in Austin, Texas, I offer face-to-face coaching over cocktails, coffee, or your drink of choice.

Break Your Bad Love Habits

#1 bestseller on amazon

#1 bestseller on amazon

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Wow. Heart blasted open... If you are willing to show up for this journey, then yeehaw! One year later and I'm still using the tools I acquired through Emily's coaching program.