5 Ways to Love Your Precious Time on Earth

Let's get straight to the point, shall we?

1. Pursue Your Passions.

By god, if you know what you’re passionate about doing—if you’ve identified the activity that makes it feel like Jean-Luc Picard warped speed and bent time—go do it now. Stop reading this, and go do that thing. Because your life has unfolded perfectly, just to fulfill that role. You were designed to do it. So go play and have fun.

2. Serve.

Adopt an attitude of servitude in life. If you’re over there whispering begrudgingly, “But, Emily, I serve others all day long! I’m tired of serving!” I totally get it. It’s time to self-serve like fro-yo. And here’s the best way to do just that: only serve the people, organizations, events, and/or movements you LOVE to serve. So go figure out how you adore serving, then give it your all. Put your true heart into it, and watch what comes out of such self-motivated, yet oh-so-pure action.

3. Love Your Family.

Whether you’re talking about blood family or otherwise, put petty differences aside, and kiss and makeup. Make an effort to see them. You may have to bite your tongue until it bleeds—so be it. They’re the group in this world who’s loved you since before you were born. And they’ll love you until they die. So spend as much time with them as you can bear, and when you’ve had enough, go home to your cat.

4. Spend Time with Your Cat.

Or your dog. Or your guinea pig. Or whatever other legally adoptable pet you love like your own child. Oh, and if you don’t have a cat, but you know you’d be a kick-ass pet owner, find your local animal shelter and adopt one right now. Google that shit up: animal shelter, B.F.E. And for all that is holy, spay that tiny beast.

5. Stop Falling in Love.

Yeah, you heard me. Quit that shit. Okay, okay, never stop rising in unconditional, amazing, spiritual, all-beings-are-one love. But stop pretending like every guy or gal might be "the one." And if you’re not dating, but you’re in a long term relationship that repeats the same patterns, looping in circles over and over like a dog chasing its tail, you gotta quit that shit, too. Why? Because you’re wasting your time on Earth. That emotional roller-coaster ride of good vibes and great sex to blow-your-brains-out heartbreak can definitely be addictive. It’s like cocaine for your heart. But it’s bad for your health—just like cocaine. So figure out what you really want, and then activate! Easier said than done, I get that. I’ve been up, down, and all around. Then I figured my shit out. If this one’s a doozy for ya, get in touch.