How to Make Affirmations Actually WORK

Affirmations are only as good as your experience of what you’re trying to affirm.

Here's how that works: I’m sure you’ve figured out that trying to tell yourself you’re going to win the lottery hasn’t actually made you win the lottery. That’s because you don’t really believe it because you’ve never experienced receiving a lot of money out of the blue.

Fortunately, you don’t actually have to experience what you want to the degree that you want it...

You just have to experience a taste of what you want so you know it can be true for you—then you can affirm it.

For example, when I lived in Maui I met a man who showed me that the full package actually existed. He was unbelievably gorgeous, totally zenned out, super present, completely wonderful, humble, powerful, masculine, tender, loving, considerate, all those amazing things and more. Plus he was gorgeous. Did I mention that already?

We became friends, and while it turned out we did not share a romantic connection, just knowing that a man like this was on Earth expanded my belief system which made me able to call in my dream partner.

From that place of possibility, I believed that a dude who was the complete package actually existed out there—and because I experienced this first hand, it made it possible for me to attract my complete-package-partner into my life.

The following steps will help you open your reality to the possibility of what you want to call in, whether that's more money, deeper friendships, or more conscious romantic relationships.

So let your affirmations work for you; use these practices to call in what you truly desire: 

  • Work toward what you want. 

If you want a romantic relationship, don't sit idly by and repeat the same old relationship patterns and habits you've had for years. If you want a sudden stream of income, don't go home after work and watch TV all night. If you want more time with your family, don't say "yes" to unnecessary projects or people that detract from your fulfillment. Be proactive in life, stay open, and prepare for the best.

  • Let go.

This may seem like the exact opposite of what I just said, but it's not. After bringing to mind and heart what you desire, let it come in by releasing it from your thoughts. If you obsess over what you're wanting, you're not allowing it the space to arrive. So bring it to mind every so often, but don't hold your breath. Go on enjoying your life without it, striving to do your best, and working toward your goal, and the Universe will inevitably catch up.

  • Pay attention to coincidences. 

We've all heard "everything happens for a reason." So let's give things a reason to happen! Honor coincidences, stay open to signs, and pay attention to your gut when it speaks. Sometimes our busy minds and busy days distract us from the inner self that whispers—if only we will listen. Paying attention to coincidences will help you tune into the constant awesomeness that surrounds you ... and call in more coincidences to boot.

  • Use your gratitude to practice honoring the bits and pieces of what you're calling in. 

Every morning and every night, notice specific things you are grateful for that reflect a piece of what you're calling in. By placing your attention on, let's say, this beautiful person's empathetic nature, or the unexpected refund you received today, you're emphasizing the value of those elements of your day. This alone will do wonders for attracting into your life that one thing you're affirming. 5 Minute Journal is an app I use that helps me surround my day in gratitude. Try using it to create emphasis on the pieces of your day that reflect what you're calling in.

Only affirm what you know to be true from experience, and call in what you can right now.

As you align yourself with your truest desires, the Universe will offer you experiences that activate your ability to manifest your dream-reality. Work toward your wants, then let them go to let them flow into your life. Pay attention to your intuition and the magic of coincidences, and to the elements of your day that reflect what you're calling in.

These practices, when applied regularly, will help to open your life to receiving your deepest desires from an intuitive, centered, proactive—and perhaps most importantly, realistic place. 

Now I'd love to hear from you! Which practice will you begin right away? What changes will you make in your daily routine to help the Universe hear you?

Comment below, and if you found this article useful, share the love with others and pass it along!