Cocktails & convos


Do you live in Austin, TX? Well then you're in for a treat! And a cocktail. Or a coffee and convos if that's more your cup of tea... Heh. 

How much do you love going out with your girlfriends and diving deep into intimate conversations one-on-one? 

Now how much do you wish your gal pals were professional life-coaches that could give you educated insight into love, life, and relationship success? 

Well pull a genie out of a bottle and call me Terkel the hamster because this is your lucky day. 

To Austinites only, I offer face-to-face personal coaching sessions over drinks of your choosing. 


These sessions are for you if you:

• Are finally ready to be done repeating the same old patterns in relationship.

• Never again want to wind up heartbroken with feelings of hopelessness and doubt that “the one” really exists.

• Are truly ready to feel the deepest self-love and self-acceptance you know is necessary to have a deeply fulfilling relationship.

• Yearn to share your life with your best friend, and know deep down that it’s possible to have a successful romantic relationship without losing yourself in the relationship.

• Are ready to take full responsibility for creating your life, are financially sound, and ready to fully commit to stepping into your truest, most authentic self.

This is true transformational coaching in its purist form.

Okay. Maybe not so pure with a little booze in hand.

Together, we will shift your outlook on romance and get you into a place of utter and complete empowerment in all relationships and life. 

Click "Let's Meet!" below to hop on a 30 min. power call and schedule a date.