Breakup coaching

Become Your Badass Best Self, Because You're Here for Bigger Things.

And you know it. Like deep down in your bones. 

You know you're here for a bigger purpose—to do big things and help change the world.

You feel a drive, and ambition, to shoot for the stars, and yet you watch yourself distract yourself with trivial bullshit.

Breakup Coaching for Relationships:

Maybe you've noticed that every time you're single you propel forward in the direction of your dreams. And then the moment you're seriously about to soar you notice this super hottie that could be your one-and-only. So you go pay attention to them for a while, start building a relationship, and then BOOM. You realize you've been totally derailed from your mission-driven, purpose-filled self. You see these patterns and habits and are absolutely tired of falling into the dramas of relationship, but you don't know how to stop, or if you even should...

Breakup Coaching for Entrepreneurs: 

Or maybe you have a business and you know the impact you could be having is so much bigger, but instead of taking the time to develop the systems to alleviate you from the day-to-day time-suck to-dos of entrepreneurship, you get bogged down in the minutiae of it all, drowning in trivial tasks and feeling overwhelmed to the point of burn-out. It doesn't need to be that way. I promise.

I am a breakup coach. 

What that means is that I help you break up with the distractions that keep you from being your biggest self. I will help you mount that rocket-ship and launch you toward your dreams. 

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6-Month Mastermind


Alright. You're here, reading this page, and you've made it past the word "committed." That alone deserves a pat on the back. I'm serious. Stop here and pat yourself on the dang back. You deserve it. 

This six-month mastermind group is a high-trajectory group—it's for those who are ready to work side-by-side with other high-achieving change-making entrepreneurs and business men and women. 

Jim Rohn says, "You are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with." This is your opportunity to up-level your community and spend time with five other mega-achievers.

You will get insight, guidance, and lessons from experienced people doing big things—people who effect serious change in the world, and people who've been there and done that and can help you do the same. 

It's always better to learn from those who haven't just studied something but from those who've experienced it and succeeded

Every six months I take on six individuals for an intimate group which works to push each participant forward in their career. Will you be one of the next star members? 

Let's hop on a 30 min. power call and find out.

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