welcome to 2018

Wildheart Sisterhood


Get organized.
Get intentional.
Get on it. 

The Map Your New Year virtual session gives you opportunity to take the big goals you have for 2018 and put them into an actionable plan.

Oftentimes, people set goals and then leave it “as is”. They never actually meet them because they don’t have a process for move by towards them.

When you start out the year with a step-by-step plan to finish goal one first, another goal second, etc. you see progress. 

During our five hour session you’re going to find that we will determine your top three goals for 2018. We will then plot them onto the calendar and break them down so they’re manageable and bite-size. You can start taking action immediately after the session.

This will be a perfect time to dedicate to the new year. Also going to be adding to Facebook group where you can continue having an ability with the others are joining you on this course. Will be teaching you how to do need to stay on track with your goals even when it feels hard to do so. Give you the tools on how to reevaluate your goals every month and to see if you’re on track or if you need to make any pivots in your next steps.


These sessions are for you if you:

• Have struggled with seeing results in your business year after year

• Are just starting a business and want a clear roadmap on the first steps to take to grow your business into something profitable 

• Right now are reflecting on your 2017 and recognizing all that you've done, yet you're still not where you'd intended to be by the end of the year

• Feel so excited to develop your business into its next phase of growth, and are eager to get experienced eyes on your next steps

• Appreciate a community that can give you feedback and hold you to the intentions you set forth during this session 

• Think both linearly and organically: we will help bring structure to the exciting, creative endeavor that your business is 

This is inspired, intentional co-creating your next best year.

And we're going to have fun!

Together, we will help you get clear, organized, and focused on the direction you'll be headed in 2018.  

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