Does money stop you, or inspire you?

When you come to a “sales page” like this, what are your first thoughts? I know my spidey senses get activated, and I put myself on the defense like, “Okay, I’ll read this thing, but I will not let them get one over on me.”

Maybe I’m just cynical. Okay, I’m cynical.

In fact, I am so jaded by online marketing that I push against all forms of cut-and-paste methodology for obtaining new coaching clients.

I am not a formula. And neither are you.

I do not have a “signature system” and I won’t put you (or your business) in a box.

* I will listen beyond your words and pull from your subconscious the beliefs that are holding you back from real success in your business (and life).

* I will co-create with you a way of being in this world that feels so natural and in the flow, you hardly feel like you ever work at all.

* I will guide you through the actions I take on a weekly basis to create regular $8k - $10k months in my business.

Don’t get me wrong, if you desire to be the next Marie Forleo, then there is a time and a place to grow your coaching business beyond your immediate network and begin advertising to cold traffic. But that time is not in the first year of business before you have a full coaching schedule and all your living and business expenses covered.

This is why I’ve developed the Heart & Money Mastermind program—to give you an alternate way of being in your business and in this world.

It’s time to peel back the curtain and start making money and gaining the confidence to grow into your next business phase.

In the Heart & Money Mastermind group you will…

• Work with the energetics of wealth creation and open yourself to receiving the income you deserve

• Focus on transforming your business into a movement and becoming the leader you know you are

• Take immediate action toward building relationships and gaining new clients

• Shift your mindset and energetics to wealth and feel confident in your deserving of abundance

• Be emotionally and practically supported in your business by your unique mastermind group of powerhouse women

• Start feeling less overwhelm, more relaxation, and getting more of what you want in life

No matter what your current life circumstance, if you give yourself fully to this process, you will see a shift toward making more money. 

You will exit the Heart & Money Mastermind with a strong grasp on the practices and techniques I've used to create consistent $10k months in my business. 

This is a business building and personal development program. 

It is also a program that will help you energetically receive and align your vibration to wealth.

What we will cover in this mastermind group is the foundational work done by every successful entrepreneur.

Month 1: Hustle & Flow
What Inspired Action Means and How To Create with Ease

Week 1: Meet and Greet & the Energetics of Wealth Creation

• You’ll get to know each others’ businesses, greatest desires, and biggest hurdles.

Week 2: Mission & Movement

• Every successful business needs a vision their audience, clients, or customers can invest in emotionally.

Week 3: Research & Social Media

• Who is doing something similar to what you want to do, and how did they get where they are now? It’s time to hit the Googles.

Week 4: Self-Love & Leadership

• What does it take to lead a group, a movement, or how about just yourself on a day-to-day basis?

Month 2: Building Relationships
Other People are Your Business

Week 1: Get Clean, Get Tidy

• Setting up your home for success creates a wealth mindset and heartset. Make a schedule that inspires you right now, do it until it stops inspiring you, then let it go…

Week 2: Needs & Feelings

• Understanding how to communicate with compassion and empathy and stop talking is one of the best ways to glean information on what your audience needs, and also forge deep and lasting relationships. 

Week 3: Research & People

• It’s time to start booking calls, friends-dates, and setting dates with as many people as possible. But you won’t be the one talking.

Week 4: Self-Care & Having Your Own Back

• Facing the fears of being vulnerable on social media, trusting yourself to make great decisions for your self, learn from others. Remember, education = humility.

Month 3: Intuitive Based Business
Trusting Yourself in Program Creation

Week 1: Feel the Fire

• At this point we’ll be eliminating ALL busywork and honing in on our creative, expansive, abundant inspired actions.

Week 2: Find Your Tribe

• Who else in this wide world can get on board with your vision? Interviewing people about your program/offering/product usually has them asking for more info by the end of the call.

Week 3: The Art of Invitation

• Follow up with your peeps and be genuine about the connection. This is how to only work with who you want to. J  

Week 4: Embrace Imperfectionism

• Just do the post. Put up the sales page. Start the fb live. Just start. Do it. Don’t wait. Or you’ll be waiting forever.

I practice what I preach, and I preach using one’s intuition in business.

This means that what you read above is an outline for what will be covered in this 3-month mastermind. If a group feels the need to slow down or speed up, we will do just that.

There will also be the option for the group to extend the program to 5 months without an extra fee.

This is because my mission is to create more powerful female leaders in this world, and I truly believe my clients should have the opportunity to take charge of helping to shape the coaching programs they enter.

In fact, my peeps and I have a hashtag: #fucktheformula

You are not a number. You are an individual with freedom of choice, personal needs, and your own inner truths and knowing.

I am here to help you cultivate your self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, and worthiness… and business.

You are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

This program is highly curated.

I am hand-selecting the participants and intuitively grouping each Heart & Money Mastermind section according to the type of business you are building, your desires and energy, and personality. 

To keep the groups intimate and accountable, each mastermind group will consist of a maximum of four women.

Because of this, an application process is required.

Click "APPLY NOW" to fill out an application form and hop on a 30-minute call with me. 

Cut-off for applications is July 21st. Currently six (6) spots available. Deposit for program is $500. 

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