Activating The Law of Love

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Activating The Law of Love

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Track 1 - Embracing Your Perfection: Allowing Your Past to Teach You That YOU ARE ENOUGH

Held by this meditation, you are guided into transmuting the energy of the past that has instigated feelings of lack of deserving. A deep dive into the origin of emotions, this meditation allows you to appreciate and repurpose old belief systems and carry new one into your future.

Track 2 - Creating Safety in Your Authenticity: Releasing the Fear of Rejection by Accepting Your Shadow Self

By shining a light on your shadow, you can witness, feel, accept, and release shame. This allows for you to stand in your whole self, unafraid of rejection, and alive in your authenticity.

Track 3 - Receiving Heart Healing: Discovering Gratitude in Difficult Relationship Times

Relationships are a conduit for loving yourself more. In this meditation you own responsibility for your personal growth and redefine your partner as a companion in your life’s journey.

Track 4 - Forgiveness Prayer: Heal Yourself by Forgiving Another

By choosing to forgive another, you set yourself free of the karmic wound caused by the pain of the event. This meditation offers the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer, Ho’oponopono. Ease your heart now, and forgive with this powerful prayer.

Track 5 - Be In Love: Discovering Our Resistance to Allowing Romance to Flow

Instead of clutching and clinging to relationships, which causes relationship stagnation and emotional contraction, this meditation invites the energy of expansion so you may feel into your romantic relationship and discover if it’s one you want to grow and flow with... or not.