“I participated in Emily’s Love Training. I did this to better understand my relationships with men and relationships with others in general. However, from the training, I now have a much better understanding of myself and a deep love for myself that comes from acceptance of all parts of me. I learned techniques of how to give myself love and how to see all aspects of me with acceptance. I use the techniques that I learned from Emily almost everyday. For me, this training has proven to be more effective than years of therapy where I was simply re-hashing trauma and living in the past. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who wants to work with someone who is highly intuitive, has a deep spiritual path and a thirst for knowledge that she will bring into your world immediately.”
Deseray T.

  “Love and Accept Yourself”

Emily’s guidance helped me to love myself and accept myself more deeply than I ever had before. Her program led me to deep examination into my belief systems and perceptions.

- Brooke S.

    “Discover Your Best You”

As a coaching client, I had the good fortune of working the program one-on-one with Emily with great results. Emily has a fresh, sharp and tough but loving approach to helping you discover your best you.

       — Diane S.

"I am truly blessed to know Emily, and have her guidance on my journey of self-acceptance and discovery. While I initially signed up for the Love Training sessions, it quickly became apparent that this journey would take me on a path of self-discovery that is so much deeper than I had previously hoped. My path has brought me to a place of self-acceptance and unconditional love and appreciation for myself, which has in turn enriched the meaningful and loving relationships I have with my friends and family. Emily has been a constant source of insight and growth throughout my journey. As we continue this work together, I am constantly grateful for her guidance and poignant insights. All my love to my wonderful and generous friend and guide."

— Amanda M.

    “Heart Blasted Open”

Wow. Heart blasted open…. If you are willing to show up for this journey—> then yeeehaa! One year later and I’m still using the tools I acquired through Emily’s coaching program.


     — Karoline F.

    "Learn to Let Go"

Just what I needed to read right when I needed it. Very concise instruction about how to let go of the things that prevent us from having the relationship we really want.


       — Lee S. 

"Participating in the Powerful Man Series is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my mental and spiritual growth. I approached this series with nothing more than the idea that I wanted to make improvements to myself; I came away with a better awareness and understanding of myself and the world in which I live. The Powerful Man Series gave me many tools I am able to use when I feel stress, anxiety, distraction, uncertainty, or vulnerability, while also feeding my spiritual curiosities and love of life. I was most surprised at the level of awareness and peace I was able to achieve in such a short time by applying Emily’s techniques. She was very intuitive to my desires while she led me through the process of self-exploration. Emily helped me to achieve more than what I’d set out to do. 
I highly and sincerely recommend you take advantage of her resources, as well as her pure joy."

- Noah H.