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I'm Having An Influx Of Money Coming In

“Emily has been so supportive in what I’m doing in my art business to really genuinely loving the work I do, to getting a piece for herself, to promoting it on social media and this group has been so supportive in reflecting back to me what I am creating.

In a more tangible sense I’m having an influx of money coming in. It took a rather stagnant obscure art business to a place where I’m having consistent orders coming in (five in one day) and it really imprinted on me that not only is this what I want to do with my life but it’s what I am doing with my life.

It allowed the limiting beliefs to fall to the wayside day by day, step by step to allow me to have the confidence to have what I want.”

- Rachel London

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I No Longer Feel Insecure About Demanding More Money

“By taking the course, I have been able to set up a stronger barrier around certain people and family members in my life who live with a lack mentality. By doing so, I have not been as affected by these people and their negativity and have been living life with a more abundant and “glass half full” mentality.

I have also developed healthier habits around self worth in general. I no longer feel insecure about demanding more money and saying no to certain clients or projects!

I have even hired a part-time contractor to help me take on larger projects that push me and excite me without adding more stress and pressure to my life ALSO from a monetary standpoint while taking this course one of my clients randomly even told me that he was so appreciative of my work that he wants to pay me a higher retainer by more than $1,000 each month!”

- Miranda May

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Self Elevated

“Heightened awareness has led me to have less excuses. You have to be ready to grow and I was certainly ready to grow coming into this, and want to do this.

Through the assignments and reading it was interesting for me to witness myself elevate-I feel that it was an upleveling I was waiting for and ready for.

The variety of topics, journaling and reading all comes back to wealth and it’s fascinating to see how many things come back to wealth and our relationship to money.”

- Rebekka Mars

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A Whole New Life

“This class physically pulled me out of a three year funk that I was pretty convinced that I wasn’t going to get out of and it’s given me the tools to know what to do if and when that funk comes back up. It’s given me access to beautiful, powerful, amazing, confident women that I wouldn’t have access to without this.

It feels like it’s given me a whole new life-one where hope doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel. Monetarily I have had so many new ideas of how to make money that I had maybe thought and dismissed before but I have the confidence to try and you just can’t put a price tag on that. I am forever grateful to Emily and these women. Thank you so so much.”

- Lily Fitch

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Self Awareness Is Key

“Self awareness is key. It’s really hard to remember to slow down and take time for yourself. 

I’ve learned to slow down, and being around all these women have made me feel more positive. It’s so easy to surround yourself with negative people, and girls get so competitive with each other but this group of women is super supportive to be around."

- Meredith May


Energetics Of Ease

“I love that this program even though it’s called Wealth Reprogramming is about the energetics of ease. I thought I had a grasp on this but being in this energy has allowed me to be more clear on that.

My favorite thing, is the way Emily leads with spirit and flow and whatever is right in the moment-it’s not a matter of being rigid and adhering to an outline but it’s what’s needed in the moment."

- Amber Brogly

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So Much Gratitude

"I’ve begun to notice every part of abundance in my life-whether it’s money, love or the beauty of where I happen to be in the day. I have a whole lot more attention to abundance and it’s made me feel whole and complete.

When we feel complete and whole there’s so much more that we’re willing to give and receive-simply connecting those dots because it’s easy to get caught up in what am I supposed to be doing, who am I supposed to be?

I’ve learned how to relax into who I truly and authentically am by showing  up with gratitude."

- Carol Slager

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I Was Completely Unemployed When I Started...

“I think the most beneficial thing I got from this group is being aware of myself and what’s happening inside-this allows me to open up and trust the work I’m doing. I was completely unemployed when I started and I learned to let go of expectations and how I think the abundance should show up in my life.

I’ve been able to take a good look at what’s happening to see all the good things and blessings that I’ve brought into myself. I’ve also seen how doing the “icky inner work” that we don’t really like to do can almost immediately lead to results-even if in small quantities at first, you feel the momentum.”

- Jane Eaves