Take the break before the break takes you.

Six years ago I was living in San Luis Obispo, a beautiful town on the Central Coast of California. I had opened a massage practice, had recently bought my dream car, and had an adorable one-bedroom duplex for me and my beloved kitty, CaliCat. I got to that point in life where one says, "Okay, now what?" 

I had everything I thought I wanted and could get at that point in my life. 

I also had tons of photos of tropical beaches all over the walls of my house. 

One beautiful, warm night, I was standing on my porch listening to the night-noises wondering what different parts of the world sounded like at night. And then all of a sudden question didn't just run through my mind, but washed over my entire being: "If a doctor told me I had two months to live, what would I do?" 

"Get to a tropical island," was the very first thing that came to mind. To heart. To soul. 

I walked inside, opened up a notebook, and started walking around my house taking inventory of what I could sell to raise money, what I would put in storage, what I would give to friends and family to use, and what I would get rid of. 

The next day I called my mom and begged her to care for my baby, CaliCat, for an indefinite period of time. Cali was ten years old at the time and was my main reason to not travel. Every day I would think, when Cali passes, I will travel. But upon resolving that I was leaving, I suddenly realized I was bringing on Cali's early demise, and if I could just leave her with my mom for the time being, perhaps when my wanderlust was quenched, we could have a life together again.

This is not a tangent. This was a lesson. 



It took me six months to pack everything into storage and take it to my mom's in Oregon (thanks, mom!), sell everything else, convince my friends to let me sleep on their couch for a month so I could keep waitressing and saving money, do just that, and then finally leave SLO. 

Six whole months.

Totally worth it.

I wound up traveling the world for two and a half years, living in Maui, Costa Rica, and touring Panama, Vietnam, Japan, and parts of the United States.

After returning to the U.S., I went on a hell-bent mission to start "a few businesses to fund future travels." I thought it would take two years or so. Hahahahahaha.

I failed at my first three attempts at business. I failed at publishing my first book. I failed in my committed romantic relationship. I failed at making enough money in my first two years of entrepreneurship to keep my head above water and went down HARD financially.

You must go down to come up.

You must persist, work hard, find your flow, follow your intuition, create healthy habits, inundate yourself with positive thoughts, and get out of your head and into aligned action.

I'm now a successful coach and bestselling author on Amazon.

I overcame depression and following through with the single business that reflects my highest purpose. I published a book that serves the most people in the deepest way. I rid myself of toxic relationships and bad love habits. I aligned myself with my joy, with service, with the ability to receive wealth and abundance, and I succeeded in learning to take 100% responsibility for everything I am and everything I do. 

I also made it into the Harvard University Bachelor of Liberal Arts program. Score.

I went through my rough times to help you go through yours. I overcame many challenges to help you overcome yours. I've succeed in life, love, and business to help you succeed in the same. 

Who were you six years ago? What were you doing? How far have you come?


And then ask yourself, where could you use help shooting for the stars? 

If you are ready to stand in your full power, move into your future with purpose, and catapult your life into a place of success and fulfillment, email me.