“You have to be ready to grow ...
Heightened awareness has led me to have less excuses.”
— Rebekka Mars

Carol Slager

I’ve begun to notice every part of abundance in my life—whether it’s money, love or the beauty of where I happen to be in the day. I have a whole lot more attention to abundance and it’s made me feel whole and complete.

When we feel complete and whole there’s so much more that we’re willing to give and receive—simply connecting those dots because it’s easy to get caught up in what am I supposed to be doing … I’ve learned how to relax into who I truly and authentically am.

Tim Francis

Before working with Emily, I had this nagging fear that life was passing me by.  I'd worked really hard for over a decade to build two successful businesses, and I kept waiting, wondering when "delayed gratification" would be over.  Would I wake up one day realizing it was too late to enjoy the fruits of what I'd been working towards for years?

In our visioning session Emily provided an incredible, judgement-free zone.  I wasn't required to share anything I didn't want to, yet I felt so safe and welcomed that I actually did share private goals and concerns that I've had for years, some of which I've told virtually no one.  Beyond just feeling accepted, I actually felt encouraged and inspired by Emily to finally give myself permission and make my personal goals a priority.  That I'm okay for wanting what I want, and that I really can go for it.

Life is too short to live it in a cloud of confusion and obligation.  Emily's fantastic at bringing what's important to you to the forefront (what *you* say is important to you, not society or anyone else), then inspiring you to make your dreams come true. Thank you, Emily!



Robyn Metcalfe

Emily and I worked together over a day or so to ferret out the threads of my projects that needed to be pulled together. She was prepared in every sense of the word by bringing her creativity, insights, and adaptability and, yes, tasty snacks. All of our needs were met as we plunged into her process even though my situation was unique and somewhat outside of her usual work.

Without hesitation, she was able to apply her talent and inspiration and flexed material around some pretty big questions. She is tireless and determined to meet you wherever you may be in your life. This is her secret power and one that I benefitted from beyond any expectations.

“Emily has a fresh, sharp and tough but loving approach to helping you discover your best you.”
— Diane Soloman

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